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1. Hemodynamic predictors of leaflet thrombosis in low risk patients undergoing TAVR: A sub study of the Low Risk TAVR Trial

by Khan, Jaffar; Rogers, Toby; Waksman, Ron; Torguson, Rebecca; Weissman, Gaby; Medvedofsky, Diego; Craig, Page; Zhang, Cheng; Shults, Christian; Garcia-Garcia, Hector M; Kolm, Paul; Satler, Lowell; Ben-Dor, Itsik; Asch, Federico.

Publication: Conference Activity.Full author list: Khan J, Rogers T, Waksman R, Torguson R, Weissman G, Medvedofsky D, Craig P, Zhang C, Shults C, Garcia-Garcia H, Kolm P, Satler L, Ben-Dor I, Asch F..Local accession number: C2019_469.
2. Systematic review and pooled analysis of new- versus old-generation valves for transcatheter aortic valve replacement in bicuspid aortic stenosis

by Butt, Nausharwan; Khan, Jaffar; Rogers, Toby; Kolm, Paul; Mussalam, Anees; Edelman, James; Khalid, Nauman; Shlofmitz, Evan; Chen, Y; Chen, Yuefeng; Iantorno, Michaela; Gajanana, Deepak; Torguson, Rebecca; Weintraub, William; Waksman, Ron.

Publication: Conference Activity.Full author list: Butt N, Khan J, Rogers T, Kolm P, Mussalam A, Edelman J, Khalid N, Shlofmitz E, Chen Y, Iantorno M , Gajanana D, Torguson R, Weintraub W, Waksman R. .Local accession number: C2019_484.
3. Novel application of a bias-reduction methodology for the sample size estimation design in randomized controlled trials

by Zhang, Cheng; Shlofmitz, Evan; Torguson, Rebecca; Kolm, Paul; Weintraub, William; Waksman, Ron.

Publication: Conference Activity.Full author list: Zhang C, Shlofmitz E, Torguson R, Kolm P, Weintraub W, Waksman R..Local accession number: C2019_479.

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