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1. "They Thought It Was an Obsession": Trajectories and Perspectives of Autistic Transgender and Gender-Diverse Adolescents

by Gomez-Lobo, Veronica.

Published: ; 2018Citation: Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders. 48(12):4039-4055, 2018 Dec..Institution: MedStar Washington Hospital Center.Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology/Pediatric and Adolescent.Publication: Journal Article.Article type: Journal Article.Full author list: Strang JF; Powers MD; Knauss M; Sibarium E; Leibowitz SF; Kenworthy L; Sadikova E; Wyss S; Willing L; Caplan R; Pervez N; Nowak J; Gohari D; Gomez-Lobo V; Call D; Anthony LG.UI/PMID: 30140984.Digital Object Identifier: (Click here)
2. Safety I to Safety II: A Paradigm Shift or More Work as Imagined? Comment on "False Dawns and New Horizons in Patient Safety Research and Practice"

by Smith, Kelly M.

Published: 2018Citation: International Journal of Health Policy & Management. 7(7):671-673, 2018 03 07..Institution: MedStar Health Research Institute.Publication: Journal Article.Article type: Journal Article; Comment.Full author list: Smith KM; Valenta AL.UI/PMID: 29996589.Online Access: Click here to access online Digital Object Identifier: (Click here)
3. The Future of Cardiac Imaging: Report of a Think Tank Convened by the American College of Cardiology. [Review]

by Weissman, Neil J.

Published: 2016Citation: Jacc: Cardiovascular Imaging. 9(10):1211-1223, 2016 Oct.Institution: MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute.Publication: Journal Article.Article type: Review; Journal Article.Full author list: Douglas PS; Cerqueira MD; Berman DS; Chinnaiyan K; Cohen MS; Lundbye JB; Patel RA; Sengupta PP; Soman P; Weissman NJ; Wong TC; ACC Cardiovascular Imaging Council.UI/PMID: 27712724.Online Access: Click here to access online Digital Object Identifier: (Click here)
4. Thinking Cap Plus Thinking Zap: tDCS of Frontopolar Cortex Improves Creative Analogical Reasoning and Facilitates Conscious Augmentation of State Creativity in Verb Generation

by Turkeltaub, Peter E.

Published: 2016Citation: Cerebral Cortex. 27(4):2628-2639, 2017 Apr 01.Institution: MedStar National Rehabilitation Network.Publication: Journal Article.Article type: Journal Article.Full author list: Green AE; Spiegel KA; Giangrande EJ; Weinberger AB; Gallagher NM; Turkeltaub PE.UI/PMID: 27075035.Digital Object Identifier: (Click here)
5. Patient safety: innovation and critical thinking

by Aboulafia, Albert J.

Edition: American Journal of Orthopedics (Chatham, Nj). 43(12):546-7, 2014 Dec.Published: American journal of orthopedics (Belle Mead, N.J.) ; 2014Institution: MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.Publication: Journal Article.Article type: Editorial.UI/PMID: 25490007.

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