Hey folks, try this at home!

So you want to design your own catalog of local authors based on Medline records? Probably not, but to do it I had to covert records from Reference Manager tags to MARC, decide which MARC tags the Reference Manager tags should be, add some new tags to Koha's bibliographic framework, rewrite the Elasticsearch mappings, design new OPAC Results and OPAC detail xsl files, and a few other things. Some of these steps may be of interest to other Koha users.

This is a spreadsheet for the entire project. It shows the Medline fields, their MARC equivalents, how they are indexed in Elasticsearch, etc.

These are the Koha files I changed for the Authors Catalog, available in their original format and in colorful PDF to make them a bit easier to follow.

The masthead has the library's logo, the basic search, and the options for Advanced Search and How To:

I added more fields to the Advanced Search and took out some I didn't need.

This is the left column on the search results. It lets you refine your search.

Here's the modified OPAC results xsl file.

This is the modified OPAC detail xsl file.

The page you're looking at right now can be done using the News tool, but it requires version 22.11 or later. See https://www.catalyst.net.nz/blog/koha-cms-add-content-pages

More to come!

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